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How To Create an Art Gallery Wall for your Home

Updated: 6 days ago

Art Gallery Wall

One of the trends that is starting to become more and more popular recently is the creation of a gallery art wall. Creating a art gallery wall in your home offers a unique opportunity to express your own personal style and transform a plain wall into a focal point of interest. For those who love a vibrant, eclectic mix of colors, textures, and patterns, crafting a maximalist meets boho style gallery wall can be exciting. Here is how you can achieve the same look in your own home.

1.) Define Your Space

First, decide where your gallery art wall will be. Popular spots are in your living room above the sofa, in the hallway, or even along a staircase. Ensure the wall you choose is spacious enough to accommodate multiple pieces without feeling cramped.

2.) Gather Your Artwork

A maximalist meets boho style thrives on variety, so select a mix of items that reflect your diverse personality. Nothing is out of the question. If it speaks to you, you can add it. Variety is key here. Think colorful paintings, vintage prints, woven tapestries, and even three - dimensional objects like small mirrors, or mixed media pieces. When selecting your art, think about color, texture and size. What mood are you trying to create? Do you want something happy and vibrant? Or are you looking for something moody and deep? Do you want to go with something sophisticated, or something whimsical and fun? There are so many ways you can do this. Really reflect on what pieces of art means something to you. What artists do you connect with? These are all questions to ask when coming up with your own unique style.

3.) Find Your Frames

As a general template, I would recommend using various shapes, sizes, and colors of picture frames and then once you have your frames selected you can choose which pieces of art go well in each frame. You can find a variety of frames here on Amazon. If you are looking for a gold frame set, I would recommend these frames by Kate and Laurel Adlynn. Believe it or not Amazon has such a great selection of work for a great price. We have curated our selection of works of art that we recommend for your gallery wall on our wall art page. These give you a good place to start. Some of these works already come framed as well which is a bonus for you.

4.) Create Your Layout

Now that you have your selected art chosen for each frame you need to figure out how you want to arrange them all on your wall. I would recommend finding a large area on the floor and experiment with different arrangements. Start with your largest piece and work your way out, mixing the sizes and shapes to balance the overall layout. Once you have your ideal layout, now you are ready to start hanging on your wall.

6.) Hang Your Art With Care

When thinking about how you need to hang your art, you need to think about how high of a ceiling you have. Typically gallery walls look best at eye level and slightly above and below to fill out the space. I would again hang your largest piece first. Start from the center and work your way out. Find where the center of your first artwork will be and have a helper gently hold up your artwork to the wall. Stand back from your image and make sure it is in a position that looks best. Once you feel you have your spot in place, use a laser level and a pencil to mark where your hangers will go. I love using a laser level because it makes things so simple. You can find my affordable recommendation here. As far as which type of hangers I use, I have a couple of different varieties. My go to standard is the gold metal picture hanging hooks. You can purchase these on amazon here. I love these most because they are no- fuss and can hold up to an extraordinary amount of weight for the size of these little gold hangers. I personally have some of these at home that are holding at least 50 lbs., and they work fabulous. The only downside to these is they will sometimes stick out of the top of the frame depending on where your hangers are located on the back of the frame. If you are concerned about these standing out off the wall, then I would use a standard nail in a stud or a decent wall anchor. You can get a great picture hanging set with a variety of items here.

7.) Incorporate Other Elements

Once you have your gallery wall art up, you can think about other things you might want to incorporate into the space. Maybe there is a fun rug, decorative accent, or lighting that goes well. How about a house plant or decorative pillows? These are all elements that will add to your overall room theme.

8.) Add More Art Over Time

Once you finish hanging your gallery art wall, you may need a few days to reflect on how you feel about the pieces you have selected and chosen. Do you have enough variety? Are these pieces really showcasing well on your wall? The one thing that is nice about this gallery art wall, is that you can keep adding over time. Maybe there are other tapestries you want to hang, or maybe you find a quaint sign that you can't live without. This is a labor of love and personality and you will find that over time this wall might evolve right along with you.

9.) Enjoy You Personal Creation

Once you have everything at a place that you love, take some time to really reflect and enjoy what you have created. This is a wall of self - expression. It is a statement and reflection of your own unique personality. Creating a gallery wall is about breaking rules, mixing elements, and most importantly having fun. Each piece on your wall tells a captivating story and adds a narrative and personality to your home.

10.) Send Me Your Photos!

I would love to see what you have come up with and how it all turns out. Email me a photo at to have a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.

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