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Artful Home Expressions

  • What is Artful Home Expressions
    We promote and create content surrounding on-trend products in the seasonal home niche. We offer advise on which products are currently trending for home decor, interior design, art, DIY and more.
  • Do you offer your own products for sale?
    Currently, we do not offer our own products for sale. We are an affiliate marketing organization and offer links to recommended products based on current trends. All links are to what we feel are premium products or services, and we do not recommend anything we do not think is of value or help to our customer.
  • How does your website work?
    We post content to our website, and our social media channels so we can provide you with the best advise possible on seasonal home trends, interior design, art and diy. From our links you will be directed to the products and services that we feel are best in the market at the time. Our promoted products solely represent the opinions of ourselves and our company.
  • What if I cannot find the product you have listed on your site?
    If you have any questions at all you can certainly reach out to us and we can help you. If you are clicking on a link and it is not bringing you to the product you are interested in, please reach out to use at Also, these products are recommendations. We do not sell any of our own products, so by clicking on a link or a post you are directed to the website in which these products are for sale. If the product is no longer listed, or is currently out of stock, please contact the company that is currently selling this product and/or service.
  • Can I contribute ideas or request topics for Artful Home Expressions to cover?
    Certainly! We would love any ideas you want to throw our way. You can reach out to us at Or contact us on our social channels through Pinterest ( or Instagram ( @artful_home_expressions )
  • How often is content updated on Artful Home Expressions
    We update content usually daily, however there will be some days or seasons in which we post more or less often.
  • How does Artful Home Expressions select products and services to recommend?
    We do extensive research on seasonal trends and give advise based on our own personal opinions and recommendations. We do not promote anything we don't feel is a premium product or service.
  • Are there additional costs when I buy through an affiliate link?
    We assure you that you do not get charged anything additional when you click on an affiliate link. Our partnerships are through the retailers themselves, and we have chosen to only represent retailers and services that we feel are of the highest quality.
  • Can I use images or content from Artful Home Expressions on my website or blog?
    We do not currently allow sharing of our content from our website. If you would like to partner with us at all, you can reach out to us through email at
  • How can I stay updated on the latest posts and recommendations from Artful Home Expressions?
    You can join our email list by signing up on the bottom of our home page.
  • Who do I contact for more questions or support?
    You can email us at:
  • How does Artful Home Expressions handle my personal information?
    We do not share your personal information. Artful Home Expressions is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell, distribute, or lease your personal information to third parties, unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. When you subscribe to our emails we will use your email solely to provide you with our latest content such as; newsletters, promotional emails, and updates about new content or products that we recommend.
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